©劉芯濤 Liu Xintao

劉芯濤 Liu Xintao
Room No.2
布面油畫 Oil on Canvas
120×90 cm


Liu’s works present a hazy and humid atmosphere, like an invisible negative film, insinuate that the survival of individuals will inevitably be involved in the social flood.


劉芯濤(1968-) ,畢業於四川美術學院。現任樂山師院美術系副教授。長期以來,劉芯濤堅持以日常體驗、都市生存、社會變遷等主題作為創作線索,影射今日世界的黯淡。

Liu Xintao

Liu Xintao (1968 –) graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree. Currently, he is an associate professor of fine arts in Leshan Normal University. For a long time, Liu Xintao focus on the themes about daily life, urban living, social changes, insinuate the gloom of today’s world.