Seoung-Won Won
Tomorrow- War of sisters
120 x 200 cm


Depicting the playful children, animal paradise and the innocent fantasy with bright colors and nostalgic compositions, the artwork recall the wonderful life of youth.


生於1972年,現於首爾工作及生活。就學於杜塞道夫藝術學院時, 她就以My Favourite room系列 (Wunschzimmer, 2000-2002) 獲得廣泛關注。她的作品以鮮明的色彩和懷舊的構圖為基調,奇異地融合了歐洲藝術及她自身如孩童般的魔幻視角,展現了慾望、執著及過往生活的主題。

Won, Seoung-Won

Born in 1972, Won Seoung Won now lives and works in Seoul, Korea. Whilst being a student at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf (M.F.A. 2002), Won Seoung Won received a lot of attention for her series: My favourite room (Wunschzimmer, 2000-2002). Based on numerous motifs and vivid colours, her works suggested a mixture of the European style and reflects her child-like, magical perspective of desire and obsession of the past.